Radiation Protection in a Nuclear World


Radiation Levels on Earth Rising?

Fact: There have been over 2000 recorded nuclear detonations from 1945-1998, which continue to this day.
Fact: Radioactive isotopes constantly bombard the atmosphere, referred to as ‘natural’ background radiation. This really only began with above ground nuclear testing.
Fact: The unstable region of Fukushima Daiichi houses 4 core reactors in meltdown. Chernobyl only had 1. This spells out exponential devastation in comparison.
Fact: Cesium-137 has a half-life of 30 years, Iodine-131 is 8 days and Iodine-129 is 15.7 million years.

“A meltdown is forever.” Michio Kaku


The good news:

Plants have been adapting to Earths’ conditions millions of years longer than humans, and have developed ways of dealing with radiation. While statistics and propaganda are misleading and overwhelming, here are some things you can do!
First: be aware of where your food is coming from. Yes, on top of…

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EAv Lauches V… For Big Profits!

Empire Avenue Tips

eav-vees-giftcardsAfter weeks of anticipation, Empire Avenue has finally rolled out their new virtual currency – Vs – which can be purchased in the shop, given as mission rewards and redeemed for gift cards.

Currently, Starbucks, Amazon and Crate & Barrel gift cards can be purchase in the shop – a $10 gift card for 1300v, which puts their value to the user at 0.77 cents U.S.

What may shock some is the dramatically higher cost to purchase Vs!

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Vees are here!

Empire Kred

I’m happy to announce that Vees are here! As is a marketplace to exchange Vees and the ability to buy and run Vee Missions.

Vees and Vees Missions

Vees are our new rewards points system which you can earn from companies and individuals who send out Vees Missions.

Eaves is our currency created through the Social Market game, and can be used to run Missions and play the Social Market game. Vees will only be distributed through Missions.

Want to give out Vees? You can buy Vees here!

We are currently creating customized Vee packages and would be happy to chat with you!

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 11.59.45 PM

Vees Marketplace

I’m excited to be able to show you the first step in our Vees Marketplace which is the ability for you to exchange Vees for Gift Cards in the United States, Canada and UK. This is just the beginning. In all three regions, Amazon…

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EAv Lauches V… For Big Profits!

EAv Lauches V… For Big Profits!.

Apple’s iPhone charger take-back program is genius PR—and it may even boost the bottom line

Rahul Gandhi – The shame of India!

After excelling in ‪#‎Geography‬ (“India is bigger than US & Europe put together” “Gujarat is bigger than U.K.”) & ‪#‎Apiology‬ (“India is a beehive”) ‪#‎RahulGandhi‬ aka ‪#‎Pappu‬ is now trying hard to keep up with his reputation. His New-found Interest in ‪#‎philosophy (“poverty is just a state of mind”) is truly admirable. At-least now we know that he is taking his studies seriously